My Background


Jay Talks About His Journey To Becoming a D.J.

Being a North Carolina Native has helped me keep my finger on the pulse of NC music trends dating back to the late 60’s.  Trends like Rock & Roll, Motown, NC Beach Music, Disco, R&B, Hip Hop, West Coast Surf, Country, Rap and more.  In fact I have been around music and music groups for most of my life.

At the age of eight I started playing drums and continued playing them until I got the opportunity in 1978 to be the Light Designer for The O’Kaysions ( who’s “Girl Watcher” was a top hit in 1968.  That experience got me an offer in 1981 to do the Lights & Sound for The Embers ( a Raleigh based NC Beach Music Band with numerous hits to their credit.  After being on the road with them for 13 years, I was presented with an opportunity outside of the music business (and being forever on the road) which I followed through on.  However, even though I was not “officially” in the music business anymore, I continued doing Lighting & Sound for various groups and special occasions as an Independent Contractor and Part-Time D.J.

In 1998 I decided that, because of my music and entertainment experience, I’d work to develop a First Rate Full-Time D.J. Business.  While the going was slow at first (due in part to having to maintain a regular job) that dream is now coming to fruition, and this website will be a major  part of putting the final touches to that dream.